Mythic Mind Part II

  • 22 Aug 2015
  • 8:30 AM
  • 23 Aug 2015
  • 4:00 PM
  • Alliant International University, Fresno Campus - Auditorium


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Mythic Mind in Clinical Practice

Part II: An Integrated Psychodynamic Approach

Presented by Ronald Teague, Ph.D., ABPP

The Mythic Mind In Clinical Practice
 Part 2:  An Integrated Psychodynamic Approach

This class will build on the first class: The Mythic Mind In Clinical Practice Part 1.  In addition to further examining various mythic systems from around the world we will be examining fairy tales and folk stories to see how certain Archetypal patterns in human development.  We will further examine how mythic stories can be used as a clinical tool for amplifying patients’ obsessive and psychotic ideations.  Special attention will be given to exploring how mythic ideas attempt to solve typical mental crises which occur during maturational milestones as well as serious environmentally caused traumas

Class Outline:


1: Jung’s theory of the levels of the Unconscious

2: The cultural unconscious vs the Objective Psyche

3: The cultural use of fairy tales and folk stories to address psychological stress

4: The use of myths to transmit interpersonal values

5:  Discerning mythic ideas from personal ones in the clinical setting

6: The basic structure of clinically apparent mythic themes 

7: Problems with parental introjects in stories about Giants and Witches

8: Self-assertion skills as reflected in stories about heroes 

9: Attachment skills as reflected in stories about magical identities     

10. Dealing with death anxiety as reflected in stories about cheating fate or Death

11: Discovery of personal value as reflected in stories about magical powers

12: Typical mythic themes which emerge during maturational crisis


Students will be able to:

make clinical distinctions between clinical material which emerges from different strata of the unconscious

create interventions based upon the cultural unconscious assumptions of the patient

monitor the progress of a patient through the observation of shifts in mythic material which emerges during the course of therapy

manage resistances which are based upon unconscious cultural assumptions of the patient

manage counter transference reactions which are based upon the unconscious cultural assumptions of the therapist

detect unexpected acculturation patterns in patients

develop a clinical trans-cultural attitude for dealing with differing cultural groups

display culturally sensitive empathic interventions

diagnose some of the culturally generated anxieties of patients

integrate treatment strategies to match the culturally formed assumptions of the patient

evaluate the cognitive functioning of a patient based upon the cultural unconscious assumptions of the patient

 anticipate where the patient needs encouragement

*This will be a two day workshop

About the Presenter: Dr. Ronald Teague is in private practice and is also a founding professor of the California School of Professional Psychology and Alliant International University in Fresno, Sacramento, and Hong Kong. He is knowledgeable about various topics especially as they pertain to culture and Psychodynamic interpretations. A phenomenal speaker and extremely erudite presenter, SJVPA is proud to sponsor this program.

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