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    • 08 Nov 2019
    • 11 Nov 2019
    • Mission San Antonio du Padua, 1 Mission Creek Rd, Jolon, CA 93928

    Veteran's Day Weekend

    Honorary Jungian Retreat

    This is your opportunity to attend what will likely be an enjoyable experience, not only in honor of a psychologist who has been integral in the education and training of professionals in the Central Valley, but also in honor of the annual and semi-annual Jungian retreats that became iconic throughout the past few decades.

    Event Details:

    The retreat will be held on the weekend of November 8th through 11th (Friday through Monday).  It will be held at the Mission San Antonio du Padua (located at 1 Mission Creek Rd., Jolon, CA 93928).  The cost of attendance is $312 and this includes room, board, and all meals during the retreat (dinner Friday through breakfast Monday).  Payment is made directly to the Mission.

    Most cellular phones do not have service, and the retreat typically includes a personal commitment to refrain from the use of technology throughout the retreat, as well as refraining from talking outside of group meetings which are held throughout the weekend with other attendees.

    There are a total of 29 rooms, but those are filling up fast.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Michael Girouard, Ph.D. at

    SJVPA is happy to advertise for this event opportunity.  However, SJVPA is only providing advertising for this event.  We will not be able to register or process payment to attend this event.  Please contact Dr. Girouard with the above email to learn how to register and pay for the event.

    SJVPA will not be offering continuing education credit for this event, nor is SJVPA a sponsor of the event.

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    We are Pleased to Announce

    The San Joaquin Valley Psychological Association

    2019 Annual  Banquet



    Monday, November 18th

    7:00pm to 9:00pm

    Please join the Board of the San Joaquin Valley Psychological Association for the 2019 Annual Banquet, where we will be honoring this year's recipient of the Charitable Giving Program, to be announced soon.

    We will also be celebrating a multitude of changes that SJVPA has put into place over the last few years, and thanking our outgoing President, Emon Abdolsalehi-Najafi, Ph.D.

    Members of SJVPA will be able to attend this event for free, dinner included.  Alcohol, however, must be at the cost of each individual in attendance and will not be covered by SJVPA.


    Attendees are encouraged to arrive at 6:30 pm for registration and networking, with the formal program immediately following.

    The event will be held at a new location to be announced soon!

Past events

09 Sep 2019 Introduction to Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples, Individuals, and Families
08 Jul 2019 Malingering: How to Detect Faking in Offender Populations
13 May 2019 Ronald Teague, Ph.D., ABPP - A Celebration of Life
11 Mar 2019 SJVPA General Meeting--50 Years of Clinical Practice: Reflections, Lessons, & Projections by Dr. Allan Hedberg
14 Jan 2019 SJVPA General Meeting - Law and Ethics Update
03 Dec 2018 SJVPA Annual Banquet 2018
10 Nov 2018 The Neuroscience of the Unconscious: Images, Affect, and Self
10 Sep 2018 Christina A. Roup - Executive Director, NAMI Fresno
04 Aug 2018 The Art and Science of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - A Ronald Teague Workshop
09 Jul 2018 SJVPA General Meeting--Psychological Transformations of Concussion
09 Jun 2018 Love Madness in Clinical Practice: A Dr. Teague Workshop
14 May 2018 SJVPA General Meeting - Assessing Suicide Risk: A New Conceptual Model
09 Apr 2018 SJVPA Board Meeting
12 Mar 2018 SJVPA General Meeting--Evolution of Evidence-based Mental Health Practices in Modern Educational Settings
08 Jan 2018 SJVPA General Meeting
13 Nov 2017 SJVPA Annual Banquet 2017
28 Oct 2017 The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy: Featuring Allan N. Schore
11 Sep 2017 Jump into SJVPA!
19 Aug 2017 Into the Darkness: Exploring Death Imagery in Clinical Practice
17 Jul 2017 SJVPA General Meeting - Neuroscience Discovers the Unconscious
24 Jun 2017 The Problem of the Unconscious in Clinical Practice: Accessing, Assessing, Interpreting and Treating by Ronald Teague, Ph.D., ABPP
04 Jun 2017 EMDR: Clinical Applications for Traumatized Adopted Children, Veterans with PTSD, and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims
08 May 2017 SJVPA General Meeting - Mindfulness for Mental Health Providers
20 Mar 2017 SJVPA General Meeting - Cultural Competency in the Transgender Community
09 Jan 2017 SJVPA General Meeting - EMDR: Basic Tenets, Recent Developments, Applications
12 Dec 2016 SJVPA Board Meeting
14 Nov 2016 SJVPA Annual Banquet 2016
10 Oct 2016 SJVPA Board Meeting
24 Sep 2016 Interpersonal Neurobiology of Morality and Empathy
12 Sep 2016 SJVPA General Meeting - Kyle Coleman Award Presentations
20 Aug 2016 To Hell and Back: The Katabasis or Night Sea Journey in Clinical Practice
08 Aug 2016 SJVPA Board Meeting
11 Jul 2016 SJVPA General Meeting: Brain Development over the Life Span
26 Jun 2016 The Wrath of the Ancestors: Morality, Conscience and the Superego in Clinical Pathology by Ronald Teague, Ph.D., ABPP
25 Jun 2016 Using a Multi-Axial Developmental Evaluation in Dealing with Difficult Clinical Cases by Dr. Ronald Teague
13 Jun 2016 SJVPA Board Meeting
09 May 2016 SJVPA General Meeting
11 Apr 2016 SJVPA Board Meeting
14 Mar 2016 SJVPA General Meeting: Cutting Edge Integrative Treatments for Mental Health
08 Feb 2016 SJVPA Board Meeting
11 Jan 2016 SJVPA General Meeting - Politics of Psychology
14 Dec 2015 SJVPA Board Meeting
21 Nov 2015 How to Reach the Avoidantly Attached With EFT Couple, Family & Individual Therapy: Withdrawer Reengagement
09 Nov 2015 SJVPA Annual Awards Banquet 2015
14 Sep 2015 SJVPA General Meeting: Kyle Coleman Award Presentations
22 Aug 2015 Mythic Mind Part II
03 Aug 2015 Legislative Meet & Greet
13 Jul 2015 SJVPA General Meeting: Using Imagery Rescripting Techniques in the Treatment of Nightmares and Trauma
20 Jun 2015 The Use of Transference and Counter-Transference in Clinical Practice: An Integrated Psychodynamic Model
11 May 2015 SJVPA General Meeting: Suicide and Suicide Attempts of Clients; Therapists Reaction and Self-Care
02 May 2015 Paul and Nancy Aikin Present: Getting to the Root of Couple and Family Distress
09 Mar 2015 SJVPA General Meeting
06 Feb 2015 Winning The Battle
12 Jan 2015 SJVPA General Meeting
10 Nov 2014 SJVPA Annual Awards Banquet 2014
20 Sep 2014 Sex as Fantasy-Sex as Behavior: A Spectrum of Research in Psychopathology
08 Sep 2014 SJVPA General Meeting
23 Aug 2014 Basic Introduction to Psychodynamic Interventions
14 Jul 2014 SJVPA General Meeting
12 Jul 2014 The Mythic Mind in Clinical Practice - Part 1: Basic Mythic Ideations in Disturbed Patients
07 Jun 2014 The Impact of ACA on Psychological Practice
12 May 2014 SJVPA General Meeting
14 Apr 2014 SJVPA Board Meeting
17 Mar 2014 California Psychological Association - Leadership and Advocacy Conference
10 Mar 2014 SJVPA General Meeting
10 Feb 2014 SJVPA Board Meeting
13 Jan 2014 SJVPA General Meeting
09 Dec 2013 SJVPA Board Meeting
11 Nov 2013 SJVPA Annual Awards Banquet 2013
14 Oct 2013 SJVPA Board Meeting
12 Aug 2013 SJVPA Board Meeting
26 Jul 2013 Dr. Teague Presents: Treating Difficult Patients Part 3: OTher Psychotherapists
08 Jul 2013 SJVPA General Meeting

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